Form 1003 (1)

Uniform Residential Loan Application

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Verify and complete the information on this application. If you are applying for this loan with other, each additional Borrower must provide information as directed by your Lender.

Section 1: Borrower Information.

This section asks about your personal information and your income from employment and other sources, such as retirement, that you want considered to qualify for this loan.

1a. Personal Information

(First, Middle, Last, Suffix)
List any names by which you are known or any names under which credit was previously received (First, Middle, Last, Suffix)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Type of Credit(Required)
List Name(s) of Other Borrower(s) Applying for this Loan
(First, Middle, Last, Suffix) - Use a separator between names
Marital Status(Required)
(not listed by another Borrower)
(not listed by another Borrower)

Current Address

Years at Current Address
Years at Current Address

If at Current Address for LESS than 2 years, list Former Address

Years at Current Address
Years at Current Address

Mailing Address

if different from Current Address

1b. Current Employment/Self-Employment and Income

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Check if this statement applies

Gross Monthly Income

1c. IF APPLICABLE, Complete Information for Additional Employment/Self-Employment and Income

Does not apply checkbox
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Check if this statement applies:

Gross Monthly Income

1d. IF APPLICABLE, Complete Information for Previous Employment/Self-Employment and Income

Provide at least 2 years of current and previous employment and income.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY

1e. Income from Other Sources

Include income from other sources below. Under Income Source, choose from the sources listed here:
Alimony • Automobile Allowance • Boarder Income • Capital Gains • Child Support • Disability • Foster Care • Housing or Parsonage • Interest and Dividends • Mortgage Credit Certificate • Mortgage Differential Payments • Notes Receivable • Public Assistance • Retirement (e.g., Pension, IRA) • Royalty Payments • Separate Maintenance • Social Security • Trust • Unemployment Benefits • VA Compensation • Other

NOTE: Reveal alimony, child support, separate maintenance, or other income ONLY IF you want it considered in determining your qualification for this loan
Income Source - use list above
Monthly income
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Uniform Residential Loan Application
Freddie Mac Form 65 * Fannie Mae Form 1003
Effective 1/2021